The summer has nearly ended and we all have to go back to the reality, with long hot nights and vacations behind us. We have to face a rainy and cold future and for the next nine months wait for that blissful time of the year. However, Rotaractors from Varaždin decided to part with summer 2017 one last time so they organized a cocktail party. The purpose of the party wasn’t just to have fun, but also to help protégés of “Novi put” association. The “Novi put” association was founded in 2010 with the purpose of taking care and providing accommodation for homeless from Varaždin. All collected funds from tickets and donations, on the cocktail party, went to buying hygienic necessities (towels, underpants and pyjamas) that are needed to provide those people better life conditions. The response of the citizens to this action was very positive- they came in a large number to say goodbye to summer and to help those in need. The action was immensely successful and exceeded all expectations. Young Varaždin Rotaractors didn’t stop with that- once the cocktail party was over and the funds have been donated, they didn’t miss the opportunity to visit the protégés and give them a bit of their time to make their days a bit better and brighter. Even though it didn’t always everything go as planned, this cocktail party was worth every effort, because it brought smiles on many faces and encouraged new acquaintances and friendships and that is what Rotaract should be all about.