Last 9th of September, the Rotaract Club of Santo Tirso, from Portugal, organized a dinner that aimed to raise funds to donate a Gravity Chair, a special chair which is used for the benefit of disabled children, from a school of Santo Tirso. This is a project together with the Rotary Foundation, which is going to donate half of the value of the chair and, the other half, was a responsible of our Rotaract Club to obtain. With the dinner it was raised the amount of the money that was needed.

Beyond being a fundraising dinner, it was a companionship and fun dinner, where a gift random delivery was held to the guests. This entertainment brought a lot of suspense and joy during the entire dinner!

The club still had the pleasure to have both districts of Portugal represented by their District Representatives in the dinner, which is a sign of the union that exists between the Rotaract Clubs in Portugal.