This year Rotaract San Marino wanted to concentrate all its efforts on supporting a local project, something to help our country grow. We found an amazing association, called “BattiCinque”  which works with kids with autism and generalised developmental disorders.
The association is mostly run by people who have a relative, a friend or a child affected by the above-mentioned disorders.

We instantly got along with them, and we were moved by their passion and true interest in the wellbeing of all children, but especially the will to do something good for our country together.


Their biggest project so far is the construction of a playground, specifically designed to make kids with disabilities feel comfortable and safe, but something different that “BattiCinque” really feels passionate about, is not labelling the playground as a “Playground for disabled children” but an “Inclusive playground” a place where everyone feels welcome, a place where all children can play together as equals.

Even though the playground is almost completed, we still have the amazing opportunity to work with them, and support them throughout the year so that we, together, can support our country grow and make everyone feel welcome.