• Country: Slovenia & FYROM

  • Club: Rotaract Slovenia & FYROM

  • District: 1912

  • Number of people involved: 84

  • Quantifiable Results:

    Nearly 30 litres of blood donated

On the initiative of Primož Cuznar, DRR of D1912, Rotaractors from Slovenia and FYROM were invited to come together for a good cause and donate blood between March 12 and 17.

The campaign was preceded by a lecture on blood, tissue and organ donation.


  • 2 countries,
  • 12 Rotaract clubs,
  • 3 Rotary clubs,
  • 84 participants (out of which 73 eligible),
  • nearly 30 litres of blood donated.



Rotaract: Ljubljana, Ljubljana 25, Maribor, Nova Gorica, Novo mesto, Slovenj Gradec, Kranj, Velenje

Rotary: Medana Goriška, Nova Gorica


Rotaract: Bitola Shirok Sokak, Skopje, Skopje Centar, Negotino

Rotary: Negotino

At the XIV. Presidential District Conference, held in Bled on April 21, the project received a District Twinning Recognition Award which was passed on to Klub 25 (international programme) and Klub 100 kapljic. Both are part of Slovenian Red Cross and aim to encourage people to donate blood and help save lives.

The organisers of Donating Is in Our Blood will continue the work by expanding and promoting the campaign.