• Country: Poland

  • Club: Rotaract Club Trójmiasto

  • District: 2231

  • Number of people involved: 20

  • Total hours volunteered: 2

  • Quantifiable Results:

    Young people inspired

In January 2018, Rotaract Club Trójmiasto organized business workshops for students and alumni, which were conducted by a phenomenal businessman, Krzysztof Dolny, who is the owner of Femax company and a Rotarian. He talked about several business secrets and the history of his company, which was earlier only present on the Polish market, and it’s now known all around Europe. He informed us what the characteristics of a successful career are and what personality traits a good entrepreneur should have. All participants were able to ask questions in order to understand what having a big company looks like. It definitely broadened horizons of the people who attended the meeting and inspired them.