Creating Christmas mood and spirit for elderly people who are living in poverty and have no relatives.


Since year 2007, every year, before Christmas, Vilnius Rotaract club with the help of Social welfare departament of Vilnius Municipality collects Christmas wishes and basic needs from the target group of the Project (elder people that live in poverty with minimum income) by contacting them directly.

Every Vilnius Rotaract club member has to take care of from 5 to 15 seniors, i.e. he/ she is responsible not only for providing the food package and food supplements but also most importantly – a Christmas wish. Christmas gift, that is usually asked: a warm blanket, slippers, woolen socks or other ordinary things – usual for us, but special for them. Despite all the material things the most important present for them is attention and warm conversation.

The community of Lithuania is actively involved in the project through social networks (Facebook account www.facebook.com/100sypsenudaugiau), special web page (www.silumakaledoms.lt) and media as well. People are invited to participate in the project by contributing fulfilling Christmas wishes and providing necessary food for elders which are the most vulnerable.

Since 2013 project expanded and the poorest elder people are visited and taken care of constantly during the whole year.

Contact:Vilnius Rotaract Club, District 1462, Lithuania