Rotaract trips

Rotaract Round Trips are touristic trips lasting usually one to two weeks, organized jointly either by clubs from the whole country or from a specific district/region. The program usually includes traveling from city to city, where local Rotaract Clubs organize cultural program and fun. time (lots of it). Participants (usually 5 to 10 of them) dont’t have to worry about accomodation or food, all is provided by organising clubs. Participants only pay a small fee and take care of their return ticket home.
Competition for a place on such a trip is high – sometimes more than 10 applications are filled in for every single place.

Mikolaj Dragović
E.R.I.C. President 2012-2013

Are you interested in knowing more about Rotaract trips or even organize one? Please check the slides of the Rotaract trips Workshop presented during REM 2013 Timisoara

Participating in a Rotaract trip

Dear Rotaractors,
Below you will find a list of all the Rotaract trips we have heard about in November 2012.
There are quite a lot around the World… and most of them turn out to be European!
Whenever available, a website is provided. We recommend you visiting the organisers’ websites so you can get the latest info regarding the next issue.
For some trips we could not find any data… We keep them on the list just in case you decide to search for more info yourself and succeed (if you do please share the acquired information with us!).
Find the latest list of upcoming events in the E.R.I.C. Calendar

Milos Dragović
Assistant Social Officer 2012-2013

European Rotaract trips

Rotaract Trips (EUROPE):

Aegean Route Trip (Turkey)
Baku Trip (Azerbaijan)
Belarus trip (Minsk and Grodno)
Coast-to-Coast Trip (Italy)
Croatian Trip
German Trip
Georgian Trip 2014
Greek Rotaract RoundTrip
Holland Rotaract Roundtrip
Hungary Roundtrip
Italian Roundtrip
Lithuanian Trip
North-West Italy Roundtrip
Poland Trip
Portugal Trip
Serbian Trip
Siberian Trip (Russia)
Slovenian Trip
Spanish Trip
Swiss Roundtrip
Route Istanbul (Turkey)
Two Capital Trip (Russia)
Southern Russian Trip
Ukrainian Trip

Other activities similar to Rotaract trips

Other websites with info on Rotaract trips:
We encourage you to submit your trips in the E.R.I.C. Submit Event section so that they are added to the Events Calendar
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