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    bills at center of fierce debate over incentives for Maine rooftop solar
    Aug 17 2017 @ 7:45 am – Jun 16 2018 @ 8:45 am

    Bills at center of fierce debate over bonuses for Maine rooftop solar Solid opponents said the bill will raise electric rates, For instance Gov. Paul LePage and core Maine Power Co https://www.steelersgearfanshop.com/PSkAl30x4XsPN. Also hitting the scales was the chairman of the Maine Public Utilities Commission, Signature Vannoy. Although praoclaiming that his agency was neutral on the bill, Vannoy provided damning account about its impact on ratepayers, Computing that net metering last year shifted $1 custom steelers jersey.8 million onto non solar people served by CMP, And that offered solar rebates would add $2 million to that in their first year. Enthusiasts, The actual, Have calculated that the incentive would add a nickel per month to a typical home power company bill. And they said the rebates considered in the legislation, Aimed at encouraging more solar installs, Is going to add $1.30 a year to most of bill at first, Falling to 60 cents a year at the end of software program. In coming work sessions, Lawmakers might need to decipher these competing and confusing estimates. The measure closely seeks to protect net energy billing, Typically referred to as net metering, Which compensates homeowners and smaller businesses at the full retail rate for power they generate. It would supersede a broadly criticized rule approved in January by the PUC that would gradually reduce that damages beginning in 2018. Solar installers say the rollback and additional factors of the PUC rule would cripple their industry and stunt the kind of job growth here that is taking place in other states. In a wider, Politics sense, The bill also has to be litmus test, In order to its prime sponsor, Repetition. Seth super fruits, Chemical Bowhoinham. Yr after, An in-depth solar bill that featured a different approach to net metering died after lawmakers failed to override the governor veto by two votes. LePage is a strident cruci of net metering, Saying it unfairly shifts the cost of solar installation to all electricity customers Super fruits, Who co chairs the committee that handles energy matters and will make hints to the full Legislature, Said before the public hearing that lawmakers might need to take a stand: For fresh, Locally delivered energy, Or for outside the state fossil fuels. Feel that in future elections, He explained, Legislature will be judged on this allowed the PUC extreme decision to stand, Or this took steps to move Maine forward to control our own energy destiny https://www.steelersgearfanshop.com/PS4XajAE1uNb3. Representative. Beth e R Berwick, A member of the committee known for her lower fiscal outlook, Said she not aware of support from House Republicans for this process. Going to view it fairly, She acknowledged. Do think it cautious to keep net metering, But it shouldn’t, Don’t, Cost ratepayers dough. The setting of Thursday hearing was a notice of appeal with the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, Filed Monday by general groups. If congress don supersede the PUC action, The efficiency Law Foundation said it ready to challenge the rule on legal grounds. But Berry said hello was the role of the Legislature to set policy, Not utility regulators and the geographical lawyers. Can cause jobs for lawyers, Or we can create jobs for professional, He explained. Berry bill is among limited number of other efforts this session meant to advance the use of solar power. But this one is getting the hardest push from general groups that include the Natural Resources Council of Maine and the Maine Chapter of the Sierra Club. They held a well attended rally outside the Cross workplace before the hearing, Hoping to get their visitors to put pressure on legislators to support solar. Gripping testimony came from Kelly Fairfield, Who stood ahead of the committee with her sleeping 5 month old daughter in a carrier. She and her husband are taking into account solar for a house they buying in Farmingdale, But concern over net metering is giving them pause. Fairfield said she using cloth diapers for my child baby, And would feel guilty not using the sun’s rays to power their new home. But opponents don see why other individuals should help pay for Fairfield desire. Both Angela Monroe, The governor acting energy manager, And fran Harrington, A spokesperson for CMP, Outlined how the number of solar customers has been ramping up quickly these days. If the pace goes and current electric rates hold steady, Monroe celebrity fad, A flood of consumers will be compensated at rates well above market costs. For the legal outcome on net metering rules to change this year, Dems, Republicans and interest groups should preferably reach a consensus. Based on Thursday account, That seems improbable steelers Color Rush jersey. Berry bill would still let solar owners get a full, One to one credit on the distribution and supply portions of their household bills. Those credits help individuals recover the costs of solar electric panels, Which in turn average $10,000 or possibly even longer. It also would restore a long expired rebate program aimed at creating further incentive. The rebates would total that are $8 million, Stepping down eventually. For an average CMP domestic bill of $70 a month, The rebate associated with surcharge would add 9 cents in 2017 and 4 cents in 2022. Solar advocates say even that small cost would partially be offset by reducing the necessity of expensive power plants to meet peak demand on hot summer days. Berry said this method can help Maine move out of last place in New England, In terms of solar power use and jobs related installing and servicing the systems.

    Romanian Roundtrip: Promoting Peace and Friendship @ Romania
    Sep 15 – Sep 24 all-day
    Romanian Roundtrip: Promoting Peace and Friendship @ Romania | Otopeni | Județul Ilfov | Romanya

    “ROMANIAN ROUNDTRIP: Promoting Peace and Friendship”, held by Rotaract Romania & Republic of Moldova District, is an exciting trip through Romanian culture open to Rotaractors from all over the world. It will take place between 15-24th of September 2017 and it has been created with the aim of a better international understanding, cooperation and integration as the base of the earth’s peace and the promotion of our country, both from a touristic and rotaractarian point of view.
    Rotaractors have now the chance to take part in this amazing experience and discover some of the most famous cities and places of Romania. In every town, members from local Rotaract Clubs will be both “guides” and “hosts”. Participants will move from one town to another on a private bus completely reserved. They will take part to Rotaract activities, including dinners and parties, and taste the famous foods and drinks from our beautiful country!
    Rotaract Clubs of the District 2241 will provide for all the expenses, excluding only the airplane ticket and a 75 EUR fee that will cover administrative expenses of the trip.

    As the program is very intense, we are able to manage only a group of 7 people.
    In order to apply, you must be a member of a Rotaract Club and between 18-30 years old.
    The deadline to send your application is July 7th.

    #romanianroundtrip #peace&friendship #loveromania #rotapeace #rotafriendship #rotatravel

    Hungarian Rotaract Roundtrip @ Roundtrip
    Sep 27 – Oct 2 all-day
    Hungarian Rotaract Roundtrip @ Roundtrip

    Dear Fellow Rotaractors,
    We are looking forward to have you in Hungary for an amazing trip through the world-famous wine making regions.
    The trip will kick off at Budapest on the 27th of September, 2017 , we will meet with you at the station/airport (depends on you) and after we take you home to put your stuff down, we all will meet for a lovely dinner where we can get to know each other a bit better.
    The next morning you will visit the city of Eger, where the famous wine, the Egri Bikavér is coming from as well as so many other delicious wines. Let’s try some of them during or after our lunch. In the afternoon we will visit the castle of Eger and have a little walk in the city before we head to our dinner place. We will spend the night in Eger.
    On Friday, the 29th of September, we are heading back to Budapest. We are going to spend the day with sight-seeing (there is a lot to see!) and as on Friday nights, the city goes crazy, we will try to visit as many good ruin bars as possible.
    30th of September, after we spent some time in East-Hungary and Budapest, we are starting to move closer to REM Ljubjana. At Győr, we will visit the lovely city and the Fröccs festival, where it will be possible to try out all kinds of wines from all over Hungary.
    1st of October, our next stop is Sopron, the city of loyalty (you will find it out there why we call it that way). In the other hand, I would like to let you know as the Rotaract Sopron has grapes all over their logo, you will also find it out why.
    As Pre-REM Ljubjana will start on the 2nd of October, we would like to finish our trip on that day, but if you are not willing to participate on the Pre-REM or on the REM (I hope there will be no Rotaractors who would miss it, but it is up to you), we would like to give you the right to choose what to do. You will be able to either take a train back to Budapest, take a train to Slovenia, but you will be able to stay with us for a couple more days before the REM starts. But because of this flexibility, non of these options included in the price of the Roundtrip (of course in case you stay with us, you do not have to pay for accommodation in Hungary!)
    We would like to ask 150 Euros for all of these activities, accommodations, travelling and we will provide you meals 3 times a day. The only thing what will be on you is the drinks! 😛
    I would like to inform you that the registration is now open, please use the following link or the “Book Now” button to reach the form.
    In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us!
    Your Hungarian Roundtrip 2017 HOC team

    Taiwan Rotaract Roundtrip 2017 @ Taiwan/ 3 cities
    Oct 3 – Oct 9 all-day
    Taiwan Rotaract Roundtrip 2017 @ Taiwan/ 3 cities

    Taiwan Rotaract Roundtrip 2017 is a tour organized on a national level by multi-district Rotaract Clubs in Northern Taiwan (RID 3481, 3482, 3490, and 3522). It exists to share experience and fellowship with 8 lucky Rotaractors from all over the world, as well as give participants a taste of our culture in the diverse cities!

    We look forward to receiving you on our beautiful island!
    For any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    7 days X 3 cities X 8 trippers X 1 adventure = Memories and friendships of a lifetime!
    An opportunity to discover one of the most unseen Asian destinations!!!
    APPLY NOW!!!

    PreREM 2017 The Wineyard Experience @ Maribor & Surroudings
    Oct 3 – Oct 5 all-day
    PreREM 2017 The Wineyard Experience @ Maribor & Surroudings | | |

    Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia, and the capital of the Štajerska region lies in the embrace of the green Pohorje Mountains and the wine-growing Slovenske gorice hills, with the river Drava winding in between.

    The Oldest vine in the world, green forests, beautiful villages in the countryside, premium wines of excellent winegrowers, numerous tourist farms offering traditional homemade food, as well as top modern restaurants.

    REM Ljubljana Autumn 2017 @ Ljubljana
    Oct 5 – Oct 8 all-day
    REM Ljubljana Autumn 2017 @ Ljubljana | | |

    Visiting Ljubljana, Slovenia’s 2,000-year-old capital, feels like stepping into an ancient fable. It is the sort of place where you can stroll past jelly-bean-coloured Baroque churches, over a bridge flanked by dragons — Ljubljana’s mascot — onto winding cobblestone lanes filled with local farmers selling peonies the size of lap dogs and creaky inns serving bear meat.

    Ljubljana is a city that will surprise you and exceed your expectations. It is unique – small by surface area, but huge in terms of hospitality and quality of life. In the Autumn of 2017 we will be hosting the next European Rotaract Meeting. #REMemberdragon #REMembertheride

    Post REM 2017 Land & Time Express @ Soča Valley, Kobarid & Bovec
    Oct 8 – Oct 10 all-day
    Post REM 2017 Land & Time Express @ Soča Valley, Kobarid & Bovec | | |

    The Soča Valley (Posočje) stretches from Triglav National Park to Nova Gorica, including the outdoor activity centres of Bovec and Kobarid. Threading through it is the magically turquoise Soča River. Most people come here for the rafting, hiking and skiing though there are plenty of historical sights and locations, particularly relating to WWI, when millions of troops fought on the mountainous battlefront here. Between the wars, Slovene Littoral and the Soča Valley fell under Italian jurisdiction.

    Morbegno in Cantina (Italian Alps wines weekend) @ Albergo La Gran Baita
    Oct 13 @ 9:00 pm – Oct 15 @ 2:00 pm
    Morbegno in Cantina (Italian Alps wines weekend) @ Albergo La Gran Baita | Lombardia | Italy

    An exciting Rotaract weekend on the Italian Alps: great fun, tasteful food and supreme wines!
    Enjoy Italian wines visiting with us wine cellars in the Alps!


    FRIDAY, 13th
    Afternoon: registrations
    9pm: Typical dinner

    SATURDAY, 14th
    Morning: registrations
    12.30am: Typical lunch
    2pm: Bus for Wine cellars tour and Contest Teambuilding
    7 pm: Bus to the hotel
    8.30 pm: Typical dinner and teambuilding award ceremony
    10pm “Smile Party” and DJset

    SUNDAY, 15th
    8.30 am: Breakfast
    10 am: District Meeting
    1 pm: Tipical lunch and greetings

    By car: Motorway A4 to Milan, then State Highway SS36 to Colico,
    By train*: next station Morbegno 20 km
    By plane*: next airport Milan-Bergamo BGY (Lufthansa/Ryanair/Wizzair) or Milan-Malpensa MXP (Ryanair/Wizzair/Easyjet/Major airlines).

    * As few public transport is provided in that mountainous area, please contact us in order to ask for a Rotaract pick up at the airport or at the station!

    French Combo Montpellier 2017 14-22 oct. @ Montpellier, France
    Oct 14 – Oct 22 all-day
    French Combo Montpellier 2017 14-22 oct. @ Montpellier, France

    14 > 19 Oct. : Institute Rotary http://rotaryinstitutemontpellier2017.com/home/
    20 > 22 Oct. : French National Weekend http://wecn.rotaractfrance.org/
    Different options and package : available on the websites.

    Annual International Charity Autumn Ball (Barcelona) @ Hotel Avenida Palace Barcelona
    Oct 28 all-day
    Annual International Charity Autumn Ball (Barcelona) @ Hotel Avenida Palace Barcelona | Barcelona | Catalunya | Spain

    The Rotaract Club Barcelona ‘92 is pleased to invite you to its annual International Charity Autumn Ball for the benefit of Gambasse. It is held on the 28th of October at 19.30 o’clock in the Hotel Avenida Palace. More information can be found on our facebook event:

    Dress code:
    Gentlemen: Tailcoat, Tuxedo or full dress uniform
    Ladies: Long dress
    Price: €75

    Mediterranean Rotaract Meeting @ Venice
    Nov 16 – Nov 19 all-day
    Mediterranean Rotaract Meeting @ Venice

    Mediterranean Rotaract Meeting (M2R) is the fall event of MedMDIO, the Mediterranean organisation.

    Siberian trip 2017-2018 @ Siberia
    Jan 2 – Jan 13 all-day
    Siberian trip 2017-2018 @ Siberia

    Dear rotaracters!

    Our Siberian trip team invites you to take part in the super cool, friendly and exciting winter adventure! Four great Siberian cities will open their doors to 8 fearless Rotaractors from all over the world, show them the sights of cities, beautiful nature and tell about their secrets!
    The first host city is Omsk. It’s the city of old architecture and warm-hearted people. The next one is Novosibirsk. You will never forget it’s impressive sights, a theatre and a wonderful zoo. Take a chance to visit Krasnoyarsk. The city with breathtaking nature and history!
    And the last but not least is Irkutsk, near which the deepest lake in the world Baikal is located.

    We promise you that it will be an unforgettable crazy experience!

    Come here and check it out!
    Here you can find all important organization information:
    1) Dates of the trip: 2nd-13th January, 2018
    2) Cities of visiting: Omsk —> Novosibirsk —> Krasnoyarsk —> Irkutsk
    3) Fee: 300 euros

    Application dates: 1st-15th September, 2017.
    (a link to the application form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScYduquHg30nbXaWJxiSjpH_55zIp951Fnamg3K7S9n_cT2xQ/viewform)
    The names of lucky rotaractors who will be chosen for Siberian Trip will be announced on October 1st!
    Our facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/trip2225/
    For more information, contact us at: [email protected]
    Discover the REAL winter!
    We hope to see you in Russia soon!
    Best regards,
    Siberian Trip Team