Buy One More

We would like to celebrate World Rotaract Week (13.03.-19-03.2017) with the first ever joint European Rotaract social project. The ‘E.R.I.C. Buy one more campaign’ is an easy, yet highly effective project that can be implemented anywhere around the world.

Sign up with your club and make history by being part of this unique campaign!
To measure and evaluate the success of the project, we will be counting the number of ‘banana boxes’ (boxes of approximately 24 x 54 x 39cm) that you manage to fill during the project. So, show off your club’s commitment by submitting the form on the bottom of this page to let us know how many boxes you collected.

Let’s join forces – small efforts on each of our parts can make a big difference!

Here you can download a flyer-draft which you can use for promoting BOM”

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Social Committee with any further questions.

Please find the detailed description of the project below.

  • Find an organization to support

  • Make an agreement with a supermaket

  • Set the date

  • Ask people to Buy One More item

  • Share your results with us!

  • Use #BuyOneMore, #RotaractEurope on social media

    • In a ‘buy one more’ project, members of the selected Rotaract Club will position themselves at the entrance of a supermarket/grocery store and will hand out flyers, asking costumers to ‘buy one more’ item during their regular shopping. The items will thereafter be given to the Rotaractors, who will take care of donating them to the respective benefitting organization. Such organizations can include (but are not limited to) soup kitchens, food banks or homeless shelters.
    • Such a project does not only benefit the respective organization in a social context, but also has positive side-effects for the organizing Rotaract Club, offering them a positive public exposure.
    • Implementing the project:
        • Find an organization your club would like to support – a local reference point (e.g. with the people benefitting) can often be useful but is not strictly required.
        • Find a supermarket/grocery store willing to host your club while conducting the project. This includes mostly the bigger a supermarket/grocery stores with the clientele willing (and financially able) to donate.
        • Find a date that suits both your Rotaract Club and the supermarket/grocery store, preferably a Saturday.
        • If possible, arrange a heads-up and/or announcement in a (local) newspaper or online.
    • Things you’ll need to consider:
        • Containers, boxes or simply shopping carts for collecting the items.
        • Flyers/brochures detailing both your Rotaract Club, the benefiting organization and the required items (food, non-food).
        • Information about Rotaract and your club in particular in form of flags, flyers or posters.
        • At least 4-5 people willing to help, answer questions and collect the food. All those people should be able to explain both the project and the club.
        • Lots of stamina and hot drinks for cold weather 
        • Take the chance to get in touch with other clubs in your region and maybe even make it a joint project.
        • Set-up should be around at 9:00, you’ll have the most people between 10:00 and 12:00 and 13:00 and 15:00.
        • Inform the supermarket/grocery store’s employees about the project so they can direct possible questions at you
        • If possible, organize a second stall offering pre-packed donation-bags at a reduced rate.
        • In the beginning, put some goods in your boxes/containers/shopping carts to encourage people.
        • Speak directly to the costumers entering the store, collect their donations and give them a huge smile.
        • Organize the collection of goods in advance, as you might need a bigger vehicle or a scheduled time for the benefitting organization to collect them.
        • Wrap it all up – think of local newspapers, social media or your website.

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