‘Oh they have done it again!’ and we can proudly nod to that. REST 2017 was another success. The project was 4th in a row and we managed to sell out most of the sailing boats places until April. The excitement we get from all around the globe, people telling us it was the best week of their lives, gives us a great pleasure to work hard and every year prepare a memorable event, full of adventures and great fun. The team had its ups and downs, since such organization is not a piece of cake, but we managed to stay strong and enjoyed every minute of organizing it. 10 boats and 90 sailors may not sound a lot (or does it?), but we can assure you that it is a hard work. We know that great diversity that comes from having people from all around, gives that special charm to our event. Strangers become friends and roommates for a week, share that little space on the sailing boats there is and make memories of their lifetime. It sometimes feels like a privilege, being part of such project that was created by us, members of Rotaract clubs Ljubljana and Celje. We are sure the project has grown its strong roots and REST 2017 is not the last one. You can expect so much more from us and make sure you don’t miss the application for REST 2018. It, #foresure, will be the best sailing trip you have ever experienced.