The prettiest of ports: Antwerp, with its cathedral at its heart, is a Belgian hidden gem. Discover the best-kept secret of all Belgium at EUCO ANTWERP 2018 from the 4th of April until the 8th of April. It’s a secret that’s too good to be kept. Experience the glory of this artistic city and its residents. We will take you on a journey through architecture, local foods & drinks, fashion, art and so much more. BE OUR GUEST…


Antwerp was a very important harbour in the 16th century. Several big nations tried to take the historical city by force without success. Strong with its medieval enclosure the city was one of the most modern en strong cities in its era. The harbour was important for the whole of Europe and gave the city the historical and economic riches it has today. The current city council tries to bring back the splendour of the past what makes you wonder and dream when walking through the streets of Antwerp.

As seen in the historical paintings, by the world famous painter Rubens, the Belgians like food and drinks. This is the same for the people in Antwerp. Throughout history, this made them into “the Burgundians”. With two city breweries, plenty of different restaurants and much more bars the locals will show you the pleasure of dining and drinking. The organizing committee will take you on a journey of flavours. Come and taste the spices of Antwerp.

Marilyn Monroe once said: “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. So we guess this girl most have loved Antwerp! Worldwide Antwerp stays one of the biggest distributors of diamonds until today. The city of Antwerp gives its diamonds the “Antwerp’s Most Brilliant” label. This label makes sure these diamonds found an honest way to the buyer. For all you girls, in love with diamonds, we will make sure you’ll find plenty at the EUCO Antwerp 2018.

The urban development of Antwerp is an example of renewal. Not only is the city filled with contemporary architecture and urban schemes it’s also a master in reviving industrial history into city expansion. Big names like Zaha Hadid, Richard Rogers, Jan Neutelings and much more sketched the architectural outlines of Antwerp to make it a balanced exercise between the old and the new. The city walks will combine medieval and contemporary city views.

So big in name but so small in size. In Antwerp, you don’t even have to take public transport to go somewhere. We will travel with you by train, bike, boat, bus, metro, tram,… and even aeroplane because the people of Antwerp like to go places and are willing to go the extra mile! But everything will happen in walking distance. Makes sure you are on the bus for an overview of the cities opportunities or go to amazing places on your own initiative. We will provide city maps for several destinations.

People who still believe Paris is the capital of fashion have never been so wrong. Since the passing of the Antwerp Six, this city is on the fashion map. Even Americans celebrities like to go out in a Dries Van Noten gown or a Walter Van Beirendonck suit. The Royal Antwerp Fashion Academy attracts students from all over the world and is known for the provided quality through the big fashion houses. Make sure to visit the many shopping streets and shop the Belgian fashion.

We believe Antwerp will make a lot of your dreams come true. Visit us during the EUCO Antwerp 2018 and celebrate the 30th anniversary of ERIC with us and its founder Jan Huygens. Let Antwerp amaze you and take part in this unique homecoming of ERIC. We like to welcome you in April 2018!

Kind regards,