Happy new rotaract year!

Dear friends,

after a magic journey that so far lasted two years (as board member first, then country representative) in “international waters” here I am – they say third’s a charm – bringing my passion and my motivation at the service of country representatives, board and european rotaractors as ERIC president.

What I have learned so far  is that when it’s about human relationship maths does not work.

That “one on one” when is about people opens to an infinite range of opportunities, and that is enchanting.

Two minds meeting each other can give birth to a storm of brilliant ideas.

And we have the chance to be 20.000  (wonderful) people, working every day with our peaceful goals and ideals; and with our belief – that still today part us from the non (yet) rotaractors –  that our efforts can change the world.

As an European information centre, we will work all together to deliver and spread any information which can lead to huge brain-storming and ideas sharing, but also to travels, to new frienships, to touch and fall in love with new cultures…

I will be there together with an amazing team, every moment of every day, to serve you all on every step of your journey, living it through our beloved Rotaract spirit.

I wish you all a new wonderful year, with the aim to be a gift to the world.

Yours in Rotaract


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